Travel Consulting

Save time, money, and your peace of mind—let us help you plan your next adventure!


We’re currently not taking any new travel consulting clients, but please visit to see if there are any trips that float your boat!

Why use a Travel Coach?

  • Clarify your Itinerary
  • Maximize your vacation time
  • Save money on transportation
  • Use the best hotels
  • Save your precious planning TIME
  • Discover hidden gems not in guide books
  • Find the best local guides

Let two full-time explorers plan your next trip!

Planning your dream trip can be an enjoyable experience and will set the tone for your whole vacation. However, if the complexities of travel planning stress you out, perplex you, or flat out bore you, we can help!

We moved out of the U.S. in 2013 to focus full-time on our boutique tour company, RetreaTours. Every single day we aren’t on tour is a research day, everything from hotels to restaurants, sites to flights. We live in hotels year round and eat every meal in a restaurant—let us put our years of experience and knowledge to use for you. Why reinvent the wheel?

If you have tons of questions or a complex trip to plan, or if you’re a first-time traveler and aren’t sure where to even begin planning, consider a personalized in-depth trip consultation with us. We have helped many travelers put together great itineraries tailored to their special interests, budgets, and time constraints, from longterm post-retirement trips to honeymoon excursions.

We’ll answer your travel questions, build an itinerary, and help you figure out transportation. We are not a travel agency, so any transportation and lodging reservations for your trip will ultimately need to be made by you, but we can give you the best resources to make those reservations.

Enabling you to have your best vacation ever is our top priority. We see too many people try to cram way too much into one short trip; however, with experienced planning, we can help you see the most in a short amount of time without feeling rushed. You shouldn’t need a vacation after your vacation!

Why Do I Need Travel Consulting?

There are many reasons why a travel consulting session might benefit you!

  • You have zero idea where to begin—is it even possible to see the Taj Mahal and snorkel in Thailand on the same trip?
  • You’re not sure what to budget—or what countries you can even fit into your budget. (This is our specialty, by the way! It’s easy to take a luxury vacation, but it’s a fun challenge—and completely possible—to have a great time on a tiny budget!)
  • You want to go go go and explore lots sites in a short time frame and you need to know the best routes to do it.
  • You want to relaaaaaax and you want to know where your money will buy you the longest vacation on a stunning beach.
  • Your travel partner has different interests than you—is there a spot where you can shop and she can surf?
  • We also specialize in long-term traveling, such as post-retirement trips abroad.
  • You’re just not into group travel (although we’d like you to reconsider the benefits of small group travel!
  • Your timeframe doesn’t fit our available group tour schedule.
  • It’s a special event—a honeymoon, anniversary, family reunion….you get the idea.

Our decision to use BJ and Lauren’s travel services resulted in our most independent trip to date. Rather than a functioning as a travel agents with a generic guided tour, dictating the specific where’s and when’s, they instead are simply two wonderful, friendly, conscious people who care less about commissions and more about connecting like-minded people with experiences they’ll never forget.

They also saved us hundreds of hours of pouring through message boards and review sites,

helping us develop a framework for our trip that focused on the aspects of travel that were important to us and allowing us the ability to delve deeper and stay longer whenever we desired. Independent travel can change your life, and it’s even better when you have friends who can help you along the way.

Ben H.

I have just got back from an amazing two weeks in India and I want to say a big thank you to BJ for all his help and advice. It was my first time in India and a friend recommended that I get in touch with BJ for help planning my trip. I am so glad I did, the advice really made my trip. He helped me plan my itinerary, fitting in the places I wanted visit in the short two weeks I had.

The hotel suggestions were great, especially in Jaipur; it was a hidden gem near to the Amber Fort with lots of historical places to visit nearby on foot, unbeknown to the thousands of tourists crowding the fort. He also had great suggestions for places to visit and best ways to travel from place to place. It was these tips that we would have not found by ourselves that I am very grateful for.

I also want to thank him for his patience and how prompt his responses were, I bombarded him with emails and questions, sometimes changing my mind halfway through an itinerary but he was there to help me every step of the way, even offering his assistance if I needed his advice whilst I was on my trip in India. I can’t wait to return to India and I will be certainly using BJ’s services again. Namaste!

Maire O.

Our Specialties

Our skill set makes us able to help you figure out logistics almost anywhere you travel in the world, but we particularly shine in these areas. An asterisk denotes our highest level of expertise.

  • Bhutan*
  • Cambodia
  • Ecuador (the Galapagos*)
  • Hong Kong
  • India*
  • Indonesia*
  • Ireland
  • Ladakh (India)*
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco*
  • Myanmar* (Burma)
  • Nepal*
  • Peru*
  • Singapore*
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Your Travel Consultation Details

We’re currently not taking any new travel consulting clients, but please visit to see if there are any trips that float your boat!

What your Travel Consultation entails


For $300 USD you will receive:

  • A total of approximately 4 hours of consultation (including behind-the-scenes work).  That has proven enough time to handle almost every single consultation need (we work quickly!) If you have a bigger project in mind, let us know. We will work primarily via email, given the typical time differences. However, we can also schedule phone calls or video chats, as well.
  • International flight and logistics consultation. This can save you tons of money and layover hassle; or, plan another side trip in a layover destination!
  • Itinerary discussion.  We take into consideration climate, festivals, internal transport time, budget, and more.
  • Hotel suggestions and guidance on arrangements, with consideration to your budget and level of luxury preferences
  • Contacts and connections for internal transport (flights, taxis, etc)
  • Visa logistics
  • Packing ideas
  • Ongoing support including phone, email, and Skype or video conferencing as needed


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